About Us

LEEDARSON is a world-class lighting and IoT solution provider. Starting out as a manufacturer of lighting components and products, LEEDARSON continued to devolope its business in line with the market changes, now including sensors, gateways, smart accessories, apps, cloud platforms and solutions. Today, LEEDARSON can supply the ecosystem of integrated smart home and commercial building solutions that fit our customers and their customers needs.

In the pursuit of our commitment to quality, we invest heavily in process stability, quality optimization, research and development. Well-resourced R&D teams ensure that all our new solutions are on the leading edge of technology and innovation.

Company Profile

Founded in 2000, and headquartered in Xiamen, China, LEEDARSON is a high-tech corporation specialized in R&D, production and sales of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products, LED light sources, LED lamps, and fluorescent energy-saving lamps.

LEEDARSON employs nearly 12,000 people worldwide and owns two extensive production bases located in Zhangzhou and Sichuan, China with divisions in the United States and Germany.

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Lighting and IoT Exporter in China,2014-2018


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